Scottish Rite Bodies & Degrees

"The University of Freemasonry"

A "university" is typically a group of schools or “colleges” aligned to provide advanced studies in a particular field of study. These colleges are where students study to receive their degrees, such as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science or a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. To achieve these degrees, students devote themselves to study in various academic pursuits. Thus it is with the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry – "The University of Freemasonry" – consists of four “colleges”, the Lodge of Perfection, the Chapter of Rose Croix, the Council of Kadosh, and the Consistory of the Masters of the Royal Secret or simply Consistory. In each “college,” you pursue degree work in a particular major.

In the college of The Lodge of Perfection – the 4th through 14th Degrees – you continue your Masonic study majoring in the continuation of the story of Hiram Abiff and the search for the Lost Word.

The 15th through 18th Degrees comprise the college of The Chapter of Rose Croix which presents Faith, Hope and Charity as sure guides to our actions, and as the safest paths through adversity. You are instructed to follow them in their highest form of human expression: as Compassion and the Law of Love.

You pursue a major in philosophy and chivalry in the 19th through 30th Degrees of The Council of Kadosh. This series of degrees present various concepts of Deity from the world’s religions and man's search to discover the Supreme Architect of the Universe, also drawing from the various Orders of Knighthood and the lessons we should draw from their history and deeds.

Finally, in the college of The Consistory comprising the 31st and 32nd Degrees, a Mason learns that by self-sacrifice and the application of philosophical truth he may become part of an empire of intellect, reason, philosophy and wise morality.


The Ineffable Degrees (4th - 14th Degrees)


The Historical & Religious Degrees (15th - 18th Degrees)


The Philosophical & Chivalric Degrees (19th - 30th Degrees)


The Ceremonial & Official Degrees (31st - 32nd Degrees)