Masonic Education

The Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA is pleased to offer free access to the official audiobook production of Albert Pike's Morals & Dogma, Annotated Edition by Illustrious Bro. Arturo de Hoyos, 33°. It is available for streaming in the "Member Only Content" section of the Scottish Rite website.

To access the audiobook directly via your "Member's Dashboard," simply click HERE!

A complete, online, multimedia learning system designed by Masons for Masons, and is similar to online learning platforms used by colleges and universities around the world. New courses will be released regularly, providing the modern Freemason with a constant source of more light in Freemasonry.

The Master Craftsman Group Studies is an exciting new program designed to engage a group in a discussion about the degrees and their lessons. Twenty-eight PowerPoint presentations engage Brethren to think about what they have seen and heard in the degrees and discuss in, and hopefully out, of Reunions and Stated meetings.

The Scottish Rite Journal is the bimonthly magazine for members of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction. It is published by the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA in Washington, DC.

The Scottish Rite Research Society is one of the most dynamic forces in contemporary Masonic research today. Anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of Freemasonry will benefit from Society membership. One need not be a member of the Scottish Rite, or even be a Mason, to join the SRRS.

The Amicus Illuminismi (Friends of the Enlightenment) is the expanded, semi-annual digital publication of the Friends of the Supreme Council Library. It will keep you informed and up-to-date on events happening in the Library throughout the year.

Magazine of the Orient of Virginia

The official podcast of the Scottish Rite Supreme Council, 33°, S.J. USA. News, stories and interviews all about Freemasonry, by Brothers, for Brothers.

A collection of some of our favorite historical documents and writings about Freemasonry.